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Why Does Coaching Work so Well?

Coaching is a very powerful relationship between 'You' the client and 'Me' your Coach. It works so well because it helps you identify the direction in which you want to go and clarifies how you will get there.

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Retirement   Coaching

During Retirement -

  # Do you still want purpose in life and something to give you a spring in your step?

  # Are you secretly concerned about how you will spend your days?

Transition & Life Coaching

Change & transition are part of everyday life and work and can be scary and difficult to deal with.

Loss of a job, returning to work after illness, dealing with a long-term illness, divorce these are all challenging events...



  # Have you considered changing       careers but are not sure if it's the right decision?


  # Are you unsure of your skills and    what it is that motivates you to work?

Training and Presentations

  # Aware there is something not quite right within your work environment but are not sure what to do?

Trainings and presentations can be developed to cater for the needs of your company or group.




  # What are you truly capable of?

  # What is your true potential?

Even if you are performing well you are capable of more, and this will have a huge impact on you, those with whom you work and the bottom line.


Emotional     Intelligence

E.I. is the capacity to deal effectively with:-

     # Ourselves

     # Others - at work and home

     # Our environment - work and home

It is a strong predictor of success.

Here's how we can help you.......

Coaching Solutions

As Individual as you

Training Solutions

Personalised Training Solutions

Personal Development & Learning

Emotional Intelligence for you & your team

Coaching is also very effective by phone or via skype.

This means that coaching can easily be fitted into a working day or at a time convenient to you

Frequently asked questions............... 

Who will benefit most from Coaching?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to move forward and make changes in any area of their life.

I am already successful so do I need Coaching?

Absolutely, as regardless of how well we perform, we are always capable of accessing more of our true potential.

Can I be coached from my own home or office?

Nowadays most Coaching calls are done by phone or skype which gives you endless possibilities.

What has Coaching got to do with Retirement?

Retirement is the third phase of your life and with proper planning it can be as happy and productive as the others.

Can I bring new agendas to my coaching sessions?

As a coaching relationship develops, often the initial reason for coming to coaching may change.

How long does the coaching process take?

Each situation is different, however from experience an average is about 6 sessions but this is discussed with you.

What type of people hire a coach?

There is no average person in life just as there is no average client, the only constant is their desire to improve.

How long is a coaching session?

Face to face: One hour


Phone or skype: 45 minutes